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Meet the LaneSystems Ltd Team

LaneSystems Ltd have a diverse staff base, with dedicated programmers and system developers through to fault finding technicians and web developers in-house.

Each person brings a core of useful skills to LaneSystems Ltd. Find out below how each team member became part of the LaneSystems family.

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Michel Lane

Managing Director

After gaining degrees in both IT and Business Management, Michel was employed by IBM. Working as part of a leading team, Michel gained numerous professional IT certificates, moving him to the top of his profession.

Following a number of changes in the industry, Michel realised there was an opening in the market to provide a full IT Support service to local businesses, that provided value and a personal touch.

Michel created LaneSystems in 1994 with the initial aim of aiding small businesses with a level of support currently unseen in the IT industry.

As the industry has developed so too has LaneSystems, with the improved Business Partnership strategy that we have in place today. By developing high-quality business support, LaneSystems aim to become your IT manager, looking after all your IT support and maintenance needs, whilst constantly monitoring ways to improve your organisation through the latest technologies.

The basic ethos within LaneSystems is: "Training and knowledge sharing is the primary key element for any successful company. Rewarding staff for their ability to gain qualifications and develop their skills contributes to better knowledge base of the company and our Business partners."

"LaneSystems believe in working with a company, not for a company, as this develops a better bond of trust. Our clients know that we will always be there to assist with growth and provide advice. Our business partners depend on LaneSystems for their IT operations, Support, Reliability and are not purely cost driven; this forms a symbiotic relationship with all of our partners."

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Galina Lane

Financial Controller

Galina graduated from Teesside University in 1998, gaining a 1st class Degree in Accounting & Finance, before putting her skills into practice in a medium-sized accountancy firm. In 2002, while working for the firm, Galina successfully completed her training to become a fully-qualified Chartered accountant.

Galina has supported Michel's ambitions and the business growth and development since the formation of LaneSystems, and will continue to manage a range of administrative, employment and financial aspects of the business.

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Mark Shields

Operations Director

Mark Graduated with a Software Engineering Degree at Durham University in 2005.

As a Director of Operations, Mark's key role is to co-ordinate the installation and migration of all our network infrastructures. His focus on the development of his technical team provides key skills for individuals within the organisation. Emphasis has been made on key skills training which includes Microsoft Server platforms, Network architecture, Network Security and career motivation as part of his crucial role within LaneSystems.

Mark's business ethos follows the primary objective of LaneSystems' successful business model. "We don't work for our Business Partners, we work with them to provide the exceptional service they require and bring market leading technology to assist in their business."

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Jonathan Smith

Business Development Officer

Jonathan graduated with a degree from Newcastle University and worked for a local IT company before moving to LaneSystems. Whilst at LaneSystems he has expanded his knowledge and skill set through exposure to multiple and varied client environments and in-house training.

In 2016, Jonathan was promoted to Business Development Officer and is now developing and implementing growth opportunites within and between Lanesystems, its clients and future clients.

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Anthony Johnson-McCabe

Senior Technician

Anthony previously worked as part of an IT support team for an insurance company which focused on first and second line support. During the course of his employment, he felt that his job did not give him scope to further his career and ambitions he wanted to pursue.

Whilst at LaneSystems Anthony has developed his first line support across multiple products, along with server installation and deployment.

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Matthew Lyle


Matthew graduated from Lincoln University with a Degree in Computing and has obtained the first part of a Microsoft Certification in Server administration. He continues to work on obtaining the other parts and as a member of LaneSystems' skilled and qualified Technical team, he provides a valuable support assistance to all our clients utilizing his skills and knowledge of associated third party packages.


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James Bollen

Field Technician

James has worked around computers throughout his career with major role at the Ministry of Justice and Rolls Royce which led him to his role with us as a field technician.
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Victoria Robson

Administrative Assistant

Victoria is currently on Maternity Leave and will be returning in March 2017

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Hayley Elliott

Administrative Assistant

Hayley joined the LaneSystems team in 2016 as an Apprentice Administrative Assistant. She has since completed the Level 3 Business Administration course and is now a full time employee. 

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Callum Pearson

Apprentice Technician

Callum recently finished his A-Levels in IT at Durham Sixth Form Centre before joining LaneSystems as an Apprentice Technician. He is now working towards his first Microsoft qualification. He also hopes to expand his IT knowledge through his day to day work. 

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