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IT Services from LaneSystems Ltd

We specialise in providing first class IT business support services to companies without unnecessary jargon or pressure.

Knowing our clients are at the heart of our business, we see customer care as a crucial element of our IT support packages, always ensuring our client understands the services being carried out.

Providing the same service as an in-house IT department, but at a fraction of the cost, we offer total confidence in your technology, allowing you to do what you do best - focus on your business.

Offering onsite and remote IT assistance, our qualified and friendly technicians are ready to meet your every need, whilst our backroom team ensure your IT spend is kept to a minimum through our procurement services.

Our clients treat us as their own team, knowing we are never more than a click away. All IT issue are resolved with the same level of professionalism and care by our team of technicians, regardless of how small a fault may be.

Enjoy reading how we can benefit your organisation and we look forward to speaking with you.

Support Contracts

LaneSystems offer a 3-tier support contract proposal. Our support staff are all trained 2nd line and 3rd line engineers, who can offer assistance immediately with one point of contact. Our opening times are from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with weekend support available at an additional charge.

We understand that you want your IT systems to do what you expect of them and when, without any issues or hassle. Our support contracts are flexible and accommodate small businesses to large organisations.

Our unique bespoke support portal allows full transparency for all clients, and includes:

  • Supply full weekly/monthly management reports of all incidents (measuring tool for our performance).
  • Our clients request a time scale for the completion of incidents ranging from critical (3 hour), high (4 hour), medium (16 hours), low (35 hours). All times stated are between normal business hours.
  • Full audit trail of when the incident is reported (client), when it is acknowledged (LaneSystems) and when it is resolved (LaneSystems).
  • Full communication flow through our bespoken live fault tracking system, reporting when the incident was logged, assigned to a technician and resolved.
  • Full transparent chart of hours used and fees charged for quarterly reviews.
  • Our portal can also target training requirements for users.

Our support contract tiers give clients an understanding of the different levels of service that we can provide, allowing us to provide a tailored package to your requirements.

We specialise in providing IT business support that is straightforward and simple, without unnecessary jargon, giving you total piece of mind in technology.

Support Contract Options

Options Bronze Silver Gold
Desktop telephone support Mon–Fri 7am–6pm ✔** ✔**
Desktop remote support Mon–Fri 7am–6pm ✔** ✔**
On-site desktop hardware support   ✔*
Server remote support Mon–Fri 7am–6pm ✔** ✔**
Server remote Maintenance ✔* ✔*
On-site network peripheral support (printers/UPS's)    
Server on-site hardware support   ✔*
Server operating system reinstallation/repair  
After hours routine Server Maintenance    
Server backup monitoring  ✔
Installation and configuration of new software    
Virus containment and eradication  
Hardware and software auditing    
Disaster recovery planning and implementation    
Third party software support liaison
Annual IT budget planning    
Mission critical 1-hour response  
Mission critical server/machine repair after hours    
Access to real-time fault logging portal
Temporary loan machine service  

Contact us today to discuss your support requirements.

* Subject to additional charge                          **Time Limit 

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Synergy Support

In house IT provides fast on hand support for your mission critical systems. However what happens when you have staff on leave or vacation? Who manages your network or supports your staff with any issues during this time?

At LaneSystems we can provide Synergy Support to ensure you still have IT support whilst your IT staff are on leave or holiday, ensuring that your business critical systems remain functioning and maintained.

Our cover is based on the statutory holidays of 20 days per year (excluding bank holidays and weekends) and an additional 5 days for unforeseen sick leave, giving a total of 25 days a year cover.

LaneSystems develops a client relationship during the 12 months contract period, documenting all areas of support required and providing a contingency plan for all mission critical tasks.

During this period we provide a full labour inclusive support contract, based on our Gold support package, to resolve any issues that your staff are having with their IT systems. This gives our clients peace of mind that their IT is being fully supported.

Working closely with your IT technician(s) and senior management, we can set the parameters of which services require managing to coincide with your current network setup, making sure our Synergy architecture works effectively resulting in the desired outcomes and seamless transition.

Crucially we will monitor your backups and correct them where possible.

Clear guidelines and procedures will be documented ensuring that every party is aware of their responsibilities, ensuring a smooth coalition between both IT teams providing consistent support of your business critical systems.

How does it work?

Clients are encouraged to provide the support team with all relevant information required such as:

• Third party support numbers

• Schematics of the network architecture

• Documented Disaster recovery procedure

• Documented Backup procedure and logging

LaneSystems would work alongside the current IT support staff for the first 2 weeks to obtain relevant knowledge on the functionality of the network, this vital documented information allows the LaneSystems team to formulate a strategic overview of the systems used. During the course of 12 months, LaneSystems will be involved in any remote support if required subject to a fair use term.

During the course of 12 months there will be planned quarterly meetings to discuss any changes made.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Could your business survive a technology disaster?

In a world that relies on technology, every business requires a disaster recovery strategy implemented to minimise disruption and ensure business continuity.

A disaster could result from a server meltdown, a natural disaster or a theft of your system and may strike at a moment's notice.

We ask, could your business carry on if a disaster struck?

As part of a LaneSystems’ Silver and Gold support contracts, we develop a bespoken disaster recovery solution tailored to your organisation's resources and budget constraints. We ensure that your organisation can be back to work in the shortest time period possible.

Putting a disaster recovery solution in place encourages organisations to focus on core systems, provides peace of mind and safeguards the future of the business.

LaneSystems’ off-site backup solution uses full block level encryption solution with storage located in the Northeast of England. Our servers are located in a ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited facility with 24/7  security and full power redundancy. Integrated with our Dell server and storage systems, this provides a robust and resilient platform for any cloud based architecture.

Contact us today to discuss your organisation's disaster recovery solution.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Hardware/Software Procurement

LaneSystems offer a hardware and software procurement service for clients through our varied supplier base. This service not only saves our clients' money but also time. Our trained technology team carry out the research and provide the correct solution.

Our technology team will advise on the best suited products to meet your individual requirements. This ensures our clients not only get the best deal available, but are guaranteed that the products sourced will meet the needs.

We undertake to search the market to bring your organisation the best value for your investment, regardless of business size, to ensure you get the most from your IT budget.

Speak with us now to discuss your potential cost savings.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

IT Consultancy

Our IT consultancy services enable your organisation to produce planned and impartial IT infrastructure decisions. This is delivered as an objective focused advice or as part of a larger, managed business solution. The Consultancy work covers advice on long term budget requirements as well as advice on intellectual property rights and IT usage policies.

Our IT consultancy services provide a cost and time saving overview of your current communication systems such as telephony, broadband access and website related products.

Delivering our IT consultancy services on time and on budget, the reports cover a wide range of IT issues and problems ensuring your organisation can gain the most from your IT investments.

LaneSystems can become your IT Business Partner, managing all your IT requirements, leaving you to concentrate on your business. We will only advise on technology that guarantees improvements to your business.

Get in touch today.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Network Design & Installation

LaneSystems can design and implement a bespoke network solution to give your organisation the flexibility and control necessary to streamline your IT infrastructure. These networks can be either a WAN or LAN based systems, utilising fibre containment or standard copper configuration.

Designing each system to meet client requirements guarantees your network can achieve optimum results. All cabling work comes with a full test report for every node installed which consist of signal strength, noise levels and pass parameters for cat5e and cat6 cabling.

Our highly trained and qualified technicians will discuss your business needs and then design and implement the best solution for your new and improved network configuration.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Security Services

Technology advances at such a pace that new, highly sophisticated security threats are created daily breaching previously unseen network vulnerabilities. Businesses must deploy a proactive approach to IT security to guarantee data is kept secure behind firewalls and virus protection.

There is a fine line between using advancing technologies to allow business growth whilst recognising new security flaws. Businesses now rely almost totally on their IT systems forcing an emphasis to be put on protecting new systems from internal and external threats. The common threat areas are mentioned below.

Antivirus protection helps to combat against:

  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Viruses
  • Phishing
  • Spyware
  • Malware etc.
  • Defence from internal threats - done through internal audit of employees machines.

Enhanced security is designed to protect:

Customer relationships - keeping your systems operational to ensure you can satisfy customer's demands.

Help protect against loss of business-critical data of your employees and customers.

Internal internet and network usage policies will ensure employees know what they can do, helping to stop attacks before they happen.

Speak to our technicians to find out how you can stay protected.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Virtualisation Services

With the increased growth and uptake of virtualisation technology, a growing number of organizations are realising the benefits through the implementation of virtualised applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and SAP.

LaneSystems have evolved with time through Microsoft products to provide support and implementation on virtualised platforms.

These platforms provide a foundation for the new generation office environment. Virtualised work areas allow the full use of servers allowing for a domain controller, exchange server and an application server as to be part of one unit rather than having independent servers for each product.

Virtualisation provides better hardware utilisation, efficiency, system flexibility and can help with disaster recovery and power usage. The most common reason to virtualise applications is to save on hardware costs, but it can also be used to improve application flexibility and resilience. 

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Cloud Solutions

A cloud based system has many different variations and applications. To understand the benefits of a cloud based system, it is first necessary to review your requirements as a business. Doing a full strategic analysis of your current infrastructure, which involves broadband (SLA) agreements and bandwidth allowance with a cost analysis over a 3 year term, will give you an accurate indication if a cloud solution can benefit your business.

Considering all the advantages that a cloud system could offer to your business and thinking of all the disadvantages when a cloud system fails, will give you a better understanding of what direct costs and more importantly indirect costs are associated with cloud computing.

LaneSystems' cloud solution platform is based on Dell hardware architecture, with redundancy and resilience. The platform is situated within the North East of England based in a datacentre with high availability criteria. The datacentre provides industry leading service level agreements for all server banks and boasts ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.

LaneSystems' cloud solution is tailored to clients' individual needs with emphasis on transparency to allow the business to understand their fixed term costs.

Please contact us for further information.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

LaneDrive Offsite Backup

Are you sick of paying for an offsite backup solution that does not work or slows down your internet connection to a point where your internet is unmanageable? Have you ever checked to make sure that recovery is possible and does not take hours to download your files?

LaneDrive platform is located within the North East of England, based in a datacentre that has high availability criteria. The datacentre provides industry leading service level agreement for all server banks with ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditation.

LaneDrive provides an enterprise class block level backup solution that combines a full disaster recovery server solution with offsite backups.

LaneDrive backup solution comes with dedicated backup modules for backing up VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server DAG, Microsoft Exchange Server database, Microsoft Exchange Server individual mailboxes, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino/Notes, Windows System and Windows System State.

Why is LaneDrive different to other available products?

Many other products provide file backup technology, where entire files are transferred across to an offsite storage facility. This method is slow and not as effective as block level. Unlike entry level cloud backup solutions, LaneDrive considers security to be of paramount importance. All selected data is encrypted locally using a 256 bit encryption key before being transferred securely to our datacentre using TLS security (the same kind banks use for online banking).

LaneDrive incorporates Delta technology not available in entry level products. This means that rather than every file being re-uploaded to the cloud whenever changes are made, ONLY the changes that are made to the file are actually uploaded. This is extremely important on sites that have slow internet because if the changes made throughout the day equate to more than your line speed can handle, your backup data will never be fully up to date. Delta technology also minimizes the impact on your internet performance for end users during the backup process.

An important element to consider when recovering from a disaster is that you can get back up and running as soon as possible. Entry Level products often store data in foreign countries meaning that the only way to retrieve your data is to download it. This can be an extremely lengthy process even with high speed broadband. LaneDrive stores data locally, so in the unfortunate event of a disaster, we can very easily collect your data in person and deliver it to your new site.


Configuration and installation of LaneDrive is conducted by our highly trained technicians, insuring all correct settings are used and implemented effectively. Backups are then monitored on a daily basis ensuring every upload is successful, giving our clients piece of mind that their offsite backups are in safe hands.

Please contact us for further information.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Supported Applications

LaneSystems have a vast knowledge of supported applications and platforms. Our troubleshooting skills allows us to assist all our clients in the implementation, configuration and fault analysis of various software platforms.

LaneSystems can advise and assist with the procurement and installation based on our knowledge and experience of all common platforms, including SQL based or web based servers.

Below is a selection of applications and platforms that LaneSystems have configured and supported:


  • Autocad LT /Autocad 2010-2015
  • Autocad Inventor 2010-2015
  • Tekla 2010-2015
  • Ansysis version 12-14
  • Bentley
  • Solidworks


  • Digita
  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage Line 200
  • Sage Payroll
  • Sage Client Manager


  • Petra
  • Exchange 2003-2013
  • Windows Server 2003-2012
  • Windows SBS 2003-2011
  • Hyper V
  • VMware
  • VMsphere
  • SQL Server
  • Sonic Wall / Cisco / Monowall / Draytek / Watchguard Firewall Interface
  • Lawsoft

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Web Design

LaneSystems offer a full service web design consultancy. We guide you and provide a solution from front end design through to complete database driven content managed systems and e-commerce websites.

While technology and media evolve, we continue to advance our knowledge and skills, with emphasis on web standards, usability and accessibility guidelines.

LaneSystems can setup, host and manage your domains on secure and reliable servers at competitive rates, looking after your emails, subdomains and monitor their usage statistics.

LaneSystems provide bespoke web design solutions, getting the best from your budget. Whether you are creating your first online presence or developing your online identity, we have all the tools to assist you.

Speak to us today to unleash your online potential.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

Leasing Your IT Equipment

Technology is the fastest moving industry in the world. New innovative ways of improving machines, software and performance are constantly being researched and implemented. With these new improvements, it can be difficult to get the right balance between investing in new infrastructure and managing financial forecasts.

We provide innovative and cost-effective IT leasing solutions for businesses and organisations to help improve your IT experience. Spreading the cost with IT leasing is often the most effective way of paying for this essential business equipment.

Using our vast knowledge and experience within the IT industry, we can apply different leasing packages to tailor your business needs and provide a comprehensive solution to your infrastructure and finances.

Contact LaneSystems for more information.

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